Know Me!

Well, Howdy.

2013 Look Back 2

My name is John and I am a bit of an eccentric. Not really. But I do love anything Tim Burton, decent photography, fairy tales and fantasy… So, yeah. I guess I am a bit of an eccentric.

I am just another one of those typical Peter Pan types, who wants to live life as if it is always my last day – traveling as much as I can, meeting new people, sharing our creative ideas and how we plan to leave our legacy.

I am inspired by incredible people, incredible acts, those who speak up for the little man, and simply want to make a difference in life.

I am a freelance Videographer, based in Liverpool, UK, and invite you to check out this website, check out my work, and hey, if you like it, hire me!

Join me, and share in my journey.

Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion.


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