Be Upfront & Honest.

There is a little thing called curtesy, tact, and being upfront & open.

Don’t string someone along for your own selfish gratification, and when you notice they’ve taken steps to try and heal; don’t drag them back in by questioning their actions, only to continue acting in the same selfish way.

There are several forms of mental and emotional manipulation, and this is one of them. Subconsciously lead another person into a false sense of security regarding situations and feelings, to have them question every little detail by your lack of interaction, to then be made to feel guilty and wrong when you realise and don’t like that they are making an attempt to move on.

It’s not cute. It’s not clever. And the world would be a much happier place if people would just be open, honest and upfront with each other.

Cut out the bullsh*t.

Peace out. 

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