Puppy Parenting…

As many of you who follow me on social media will know (I’m sure I say that far too often in videos, which is increasingly presumptuous that anyone watching/reading actually cares past the 3-5min video and however long it takes to read a blog post…)
Anyway, where was I… Oh! I have recently became a puppy parent, more specifically to a loveably black Pug – who my mum veto-ed naming Theo!


And whilst he is absolutely adorable, he is a handful – something Pugs are renowned for.

It is a strange feeling, having had a dog, a cocker spaniel, for 11 1/2 years before we, sadly, had to let him go due to illness, to then, seven months later, make the decision to adopt another. Simply because they are entirely different breeds, entirely different personalities, and in some respects, entirely different positions within the family.
What I mean by that is: we adopted Archie when I was 14 years old, and he passed away when I was 25, he was one of the most amazing dogs in terms of his temperament and his general demeanour around the house – there was never an issue regarding toilet training, chewing, biting, etc; and we knew that we were spoilt with his behaviour. As mentioned in a previous post, Archie was my best friend, and I was utterly heart broken when the decision was made to put him to sleep to put a halt to his suffering… But something has not been right in the house in the months following that event.

Have you had that feeling that something was missing in your life? A person, an object, a feeling? One of those unexplainable phenomenons that you just can’t put your finger on, but then suddenly it hits you?

The sound of paws on the laminate floor.
Someone greeting you every time you walked through the front door.
Just that unconditional love that you share between an animal and a human… (Does that sound too cringe? Meh, it’s true.)

The house was just too excruciatingly empty – I know there is four of us, but anyone who has a dog will know exactly what I mean. There is just something that is brought to the household when there is a canine critter creeping about; and Theo has definitely filled that void.

People seem to forget that animals are like humans in different respects, they all act differently, have their own personalities and characteristics, and are never the same; which makes it incredibly difficult not to compare when you have more than one, or like me have adopted a second time after losing a dog after so many years. They truly become a member of the family, and one of the closest friends you’ll have in the short time they are with you.

Theo is only 12 weeks old, and already we are seeing elements of his personality, and he is hilarious: still a puppy, so he has those crazy moments where he thinks everything is a chew toy, but is very loving and aiming to please.. Even if he still needs a little pull every so often when out for a walk.
It is odd though, I have found myself looking at Archie’s picture and thinking about him more than ever since Theo got home, trying so hard not to compare the two; and that was something I never used to do – I thought about him of course, but so much more since…


Here’s to many years with Theo by my side, partner in crime, being that companion that no guy seems able to be. (Lol)

’til next time.

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