Do What You Need To Do.

I remember a time when I had creative idea after creative idea for my YouTube channel. I remember a time I had a passion for creating – content, characters, pieces of writing, projects for others to indulge and take something from. I remember a time I loved what I was doing with my life. Then, sadly, an invidiual came along and made me question myself, my motives, my thought processes… They pretty much manipulated me into believing that the only option for me was to quit doing what I enjoyed doing as they didn’t like it, and saw it as something detrimental.

Only recently have I felt a slight return to that original way of thinking – I completely stopped doing what I loved doing due to a point of view, a twisted perspective, that wasn’t my own. It took a stay over in hospital and supportive words from certain people to make me realise that: if you enjoy doing something, you should go and do it.

We, as a social media generation, have taken to sharing “life” quotes that we relate to (I know I am guilty of this), and yet there are so many contradicting images being placed into the online space, so much so that we pick and choose what we believe to be right and relatable to our own individual circumstances. I recently saw one example regarding relationships and how, once you are in one, you can no longer observe your own interests but only those of the pair – pretty much saying your own interests and passions no longer matter if they ‘get in the way’ of the relationship. I think this is complete and utter bullsh*t. A relationship is about support, compromise, and wanting each other to be as happy as possible; not disliking something for your own selfish reasons and pretty much forcing your partner to stop for your benefit – if we start to sacrifice everything that makes us, us, then we start to lose ourselves and resent the person we are meant to love.

Personally, I find ambition exceptionally attractive, a person who wants to make something of themselves… But sometimes that can take priority over a relationship – though not in a negative sense, I must stress that we as people must look after ourselves, ensure we are truly happy within our own mindset, before we can truly be happy with another.
However, saying that, it is entirely possible to allow the support network of friends and a significant other to fuel your ambition and inspire you to be even greater in what you choose to do. I know it most definitely took a special few individuals to wake me up from my creatively deficient slumber, and I am forever grateful to them. Sometimes, that is exactly what we need, the knowledge that we have that support behind us, to catch us when we fall, to be there when we no longer think we are able to carry on.. Simply put, to listen.

In the end, we must do what we feel is the right thing to do for ourselves. We can be advised by others, but ultimately the decision lies within our own conscience, and only we know what we believe to be the correct path to follow. We may stumble, falter and come crashing down… But just remember, that support will always be there to help you in times of need. Please remember that.

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