Looking Down on Yourself…

Are you, like me, one of those people who, for appearances, come across as approachable, excitable, always with a smile on your face; but when you go home, and you don’t have plans, all you do is sit in your house and waste time away, thinking of ways to make life different, or, as you feel, better? Things such as motivating yourself to try and increase your inner confidence, job hunting, wanting to do things with people that you see others doing all over social media…
And yet, a week has gone by and your still sat in your house having done nothing but click through a series of Youtube videos, or wound yourself up by scrolling through Facebook & Twitter and seeing all these people you know, doing what you are trying to sort out for yourself.

Some days are a massive struggle, more so the days when your time isn’t occupied by work or another prior commitment, and so you ATTEMPT to be productive, or at least keep yourself busy so not to dwell on what you dislike about life… #Fail. It just doesn’t happen. Rather than focus on the positives, such as a person who has recently come into your life and is making you very happy, you slowly stress and panic over the things you believe are going wrong – job, body confidence, amongst various others.

It is a massive frustration to your self esteem.

But what we all need to remember is that we all, individually, have something amazing going on in each and every single one of our own lives, be it: friendships, relationships, hobbies; we all have something good going for us, it is just simply realising and understanding what that is, and not losing it!
For me, it’s this blog, my Podcasts, my getting back into Youtube, and of course, a certain someone who has recently come into my life. All of which make me exceptionally happy when I am engaged with them, and I feel it is truly knowing this, accepting it and realising that they are reasons for being, that we begin to understand that we are not wasting away, or living an empty existence.

You have so much life to live, someone to share it with (if you so choose), and various other elements that make you an amazing person.
I am guilty for putting myself down, and I have a small group of special people who help me through that – who, a lot of the time, I forget are there, and have to be forcefully reminded; call it a friendly intervention. But we all have that, you hear it so often of people who hit rock bottom and build themselves up to something they feel is far better, and attest that they are a happier person than ever before.

Something that is just food for thought, I guess.

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