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Recently I’ve found myself doing a couple of video projects for other people and groups, which is nice considering I have recently decided to take an extended break from Youtube (see previous blog post).
I’ve gone from filming a Vogue Ball, to RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens to cutting together a full length short documentary regarding the Vogue Ball event I filmed.
It has been such an escape to put my full capacity and energy into various projects, particularly with my head not being quite there creatively for my own reasons, as well as other personal reasons.


The first project I worked on was a short feature for Darren Suarez, Creative Director of the House of Suarez, and Executive Producer of the annual Vogue Ball Event in Liverpool (which has traveled further afield in Manchester and soon to become an international event!).
I was talked into contacting Darren regarding this project through a mutual friend of ours (who features in the short, Gordon), and initially was to be a little video documenting the development process of Darren’s opening piece for the Ball – this year’s theme being ‘Sugar’ and the opening theatrical number called “The First Hunt-y”.
I honestly had no clue what I was getting myself into with this, as, though I have witnessed vogue through Paris is Burning and been lucky enough to see the House of Suarez perform in the past, I was definitely not prepared for what I experienced as I recorded rehearsals and the event itself.

Words can simply not describe the euphoria that you feel when attending the Vogue Ball. It is just on another playing field, another level of reality. As someone who longs for escapism, this was clearly one of the defining moments of my search for a place to escape the abnormalities of our reality. Delving into the realm of Vogue is something … something that really cannot explain. There is plenty of videos online that can attest to this, but to see what I created for Darren in regards to the opening theatrical piece… look no further.

But that is not all that came out of the Vogue Ball.
As you can imagine, and see from the 10 minute video above, the amount of footage that I got was incredible and insatiable, that I couldn’t just leave it at that… There was something MORE that come from this.
And so I took it upon myself to further this project to create the biggest thing that I have ever produced – a Short Documentary all about the event in it’s entirety .. And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard work. There was definitely times I wanted to just stop and give up, but I knew, irrelevant of what the event was, or who it was for, I was creating this as a statement for myself. I LOVED the event, it is a great piece for LGBTQ+ advocacy – particularly as it is NOT just for the LGBTQ+ community, it is for EVERYONE!
I have submitted the piece to the BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, and am looking into other ways in which I can get the documentary out in the public domain for all to see… to see the spectacular that is the Vogue Ball, as well as my work as a film maker.

Check it out here… as long as you have 23 minutes spare.

Then what else did I get up to in the past few weeks… Oh only film a bunch of RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens alongside the cream of the crop of UK talent at #DXP15, an event put on by Holy Trannity, as Manchester based group who host RuPaul’s Drag Race queens at venues all over the UK.

Now this, this event was insane. Filming from 3pm in the afternoon through to 11pm at night, running around all over the Ritz Manchester to get angles all over the place. You can see from the video itself that I got one hell of a workout.
But not only did I film the event for a highlight video, Miss Fame painted Willam’s face in a private pre-show show which I was able to capture on video… And said footage has been sent to Willam for her own Youtube series! Which is a bit mad.

Here’s the video of #DXP15

But since all that, there has been a bit of a lull, which is sad and it’s getting to me a bit, but hey. I have the pushing of all these great pieces of content that I have created to do for all you beautiful people to see!

I’d love for you to check them out and leave a comment saying you saw them through this blog!

’til next time.

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