“Small” Youtuber…

YouTube content creators, or general online content creators, are slowly (slowly? I think it’s already happened…), but surely taking over the world, changing how we see and interpret mainstream media. Many people see this as a bad thing, mostly due to the quick clip videos which just emphasise and encourage the younger generation’s short attention span (there’s no point denying it, YouTube videos over three minutes rarely get watched from start to finish unless they are truly engaging for the viewer), which, to some, is a threat to the standard production of “normal” entertainment and news programming – usually lasting half an hour, to an hour.

But in recent months, YouTube has shifted its priorities from general relatable content to whatever it is you are currently watching, to the collectively adopted ‘trending’, or most popular (which we have seen across the board – Top Posts on Facebook and Twitter).
I don’t truly understand the reasoning of this, I haven’t read into it too much, as these things just happen without prior notification or consultation from the site’s users, but it seems a money making strategy – push users to the content which is already proving popular to further its reachability, even though this strategy has a detrimental effect on smaller content creators with audiences which aren’t as vast in number. It’s not fair to the budding Youtuber who is creating amazingly beautiful content who, due to a small subscriber number – which is caused simply by said creator being new to the platform, doesn’t see the fruits of his/her labour being realised.

It seems recently, that the only way to get your content seen on a larger scale, as a smaller youtuber, is to have contact with someone who’s audience is far greater than your own (who would then push your channel to their audience), have the knowledge & ability to get it published on relatable popular blogs, or reduce yourself to what I call ‘Click Bait Content’ *

  • Click Bait Content being videos that are basically a horde of tag, challenges, reaction/reviews and unoriginal content that most definitely bring in the views, but are limited creatively and don’t portray you… as you? Especially day to day vlogs which have a title and thumbnail which only represents an entire 3 seconds of a 10 minute video, yet draws the viewer in. I admit it’s smart, but deceiving.

I realise the above probably makes me look a bit bitter to those who have collated a large audience off the back of this type of content, but it is simply my opinion as someone who has witnessed people focus on one type of video which inflates their subscriber level, to then become lazy in their production process (an opinion I know is widely shared).
Admittedly, I am guilty of the occasional video that falls into this label, but I believe it is that variation in content that makes youtubers great and different to the mainstream media – we are not dictated by a code of conduct in what we talk about or portray (as long as there is a level of respectability and moral responsibility, particularly those with high subscriber levels).

The beauty of Youtube is this notion that we can create what we want, we have no compliance issues set by channels or studios, we are our own bosses.
This is most definitely true of smaller youtubers, who’s moral responsibility isn’t as great as a creator with several tens of thousands subscribers, it seems that we have a greater freedom and accessibility to content that WE wish to create (again, within reason, I would never expect ANY youtuber to incite hatred, or devious behaviour).

I do enjoy being a smaller youtuber, but every so often you do wish that you had the ability to push your content to a wider audience. Yes, I utilise my various social media and I approach popular blogs who may be interested in certain videos, but I do believe that the idea of ‘community’ within the Youtube world is something yet to be desired, and is only recently finding itself again amongst a newer generation of Youtubers.

But here is to the future, many more videos, more exciting content, more personalities on the online platform, and continuous growth within friendship circles. 🙂

’til next time.

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