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I don’t write near enough as I would like to. I feel like there should be a set limit of words that defines a ‘read-worthy’ blog post or article – You don’t want it too long, yet it seems pointless to invest time in if it’s too short; as soon as you get into the stride of what the post is about… It’s over. My personal habit is going off on a tangent and running the risk of loosing the entire point of my blog post, y’know that passion you see in people when a particular point gets to them and they try and cover all bases regarding that one thing; then realise the whole topic of the article has gone out the window? Yeah… That…

But that’s the thing, even though I may go off on a tangent, or write some complete and utter b*ll*cks, I love writing.
Everything to do with a piece of fiction, fact, information is so engrossing – I realise how nerdy that sounds, but if I can learn something or be entertained in a way that interests me then I am sucker for a good piece of text.
When I was a child, I used to read so much, and it would lead me to want to make my own stories; be it written, visual, playing pretend, playing video games. Like with my Wonderland post, it’s a form of escapism, creating your own world to remove yourself from the one in which we all find ourselves in; whether that be a story, a script or even a shot list for a video.

I remember being ever so smug that I read the first Harry Potter books before they suddenly became mainstream, they were a present from an aunt of mine, and it was a simple flook that they came by me. But I loved them, they warped me into a world that every child since has been able to tumble into and live through the writings of JK Rowling.
That is the feeling any person should get when they invest time into creating something and releasing it into the world. We create to make the world a more fun and exciting place – add a bit more colour, so everything is not so black and white as pre-60s Television.

A friend of mine is an artist, he creates spectacular portraits of celebrities, ‘ordinary’ people and just about anyone, using jewels, glitter, and photo collages of said person. They are pretty amazing, if I say so myself, so much so that Ben Youdan of Evil-Shop, Liverpool, has had one portrait of Transgender model April Ashley on show in an exhibit at Liverpool Museum about the model and transgender history. April loved it so much she invited him to her 80th Birthday celebrations in which he unveiled another portrait of April in her younger days…
Now if that isn’t an amazing story of an artist/creator receiving the ultimate appreciation for the work they do, then I don’t know what it is.

Art, or content, comes in so many different forms – paintings, sketches, books, video, articles, theatre.
Anything that requires a talent, a thought process, and in my head, something that is meant for others to see and appreciate, even to inspire, influence and convey emotion, is art. To deny an artist their art, is to suffocate them of the very thing that gives them life, meaning in this thing we call an existence. We should never do that. Ever.

And that, as they say, is that.

’til next time.

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