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I have had a bit of a mini struggle about whether to make a video or a blog post in regards to what I am about to talk about mostly since I haven’t made a Youtube video this week, and I appear to be making a habit of missing out weeks… Not intentional, of course, but it’s happened a few times.

I decided I could probably articulate my words much better in a written piece… So here goes:

Like many other people who create content on different social media platforms – Youtube, Vine, Blogs, etc – there are periods when we are either unhappy with the content we create, believe there are moments when we would rather invest time on a particular project, or simply are unable to make a video/blog post every week due to our professional/social life.
This is particularly poignant for those of us who are unable to commit to Online Content Creation as a full time obligation – it is a hobby, a creative outlet, a place for us to voice our opinions, make friendships, entertain and simply feel part of something.
And sadly, we are not able to stick to schedules all the time. But I know a lot of people who continuously beat themselves up when they are unable to stick to said schedule, and it is not right.

It makes things far worse when we have huge MCNs (Multi Channel Networks) preying on smaller content creators with empty promises of existential channel growth. When in fact, all they really do is provide analytics you can get from Youtube itself, hardly keep in contact and focus their energies on the bigger Youtubers within their network. What do the small timers get? A few tips like: Make use of custom thumbnails, titles, the metadata and some even ‘advise’ a 4 video per month schedule, whilst maintaining a locked in contract that takes huge percentages of the very little money smaller creators could make.

I mean, whilst for a lot of us, Youtube or blogging is not about the money – as none of us make money from the platforms (or not enough to even worth mentioning) – we do it for enjoyment, we act like it is a full time job and missing a deadline is going to have an incredibly detrimental effect on our social following.
Now of course, it goes without saying that if certain creators go without making content for a long period of time, there is a potential danger of losing subscribers. But is that necessarily a bad thing? So many of us understand that the number of subscribers, followers, fans doesn’t necessarily facilitate views – they never correlate. So why are we so paranoid about this, to the extent that we churn out content that we aren’t fully happy with, simply to keep to that imaginable schedule, to keep internet trolls happy?

The simple fact is, those people who truly appreciate and enjoy the content we produce, will always understand the difficulties that are faced creating something that takes time and know that we, as content creators, need to be happy with our final product, for them to enjoy it, also! Especially as it is then open to various criticism and the occasional online troll.

There is another thing that has been bugging me, and I’ve noticed it so much more recently. That is the cliquey-ness within the Youtube community, and it appears to be facilitated a lot by Youtube itself. Those who know, know that the nature of Youtube definitely has a say in which content creators become the “next big thing“. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to – some would say that is due to the fact that quite literally, everyone with a camera is a ‘Youtuber’, but I really do believe that a lot of commonplace name creators fear ‘losing’ their subscribers to other creators – and that is downright wrong.
Quite simple things like crediting a creator for an original idea which is then ‘covered’ in someone else’s video, or simply being a community and promoting each other. It used to happen so much in the past. These days, with the added ‘Youtube celebrity culture’ that seems to come with having a 5 figure and more subscriber number, it seems far more protected and creators only seem to socialise within those circles of similar figures.

Don’t get me wrong, in my time on Youtube I have come to know A LOT of creators, and not everyone has this mentality, though several people do agree that this ideology is very widespread – whether those creators are aware of it or not.
It’s something that has made me make the conscious decision not to attend VidCon 2015, and focus on where I believe my channel is going – how my social media strategy is implemented, and try so hard to make a brand for my overall content creation. It is my creative outlet after all. I love it, and will continue to do what I love to do.

It is with this in mind, that I am going to make the promise to myself, and the audience who watch my videos and read my blogs – I am, from this point onwards, only going to create content when I feel I have something worth creating. Though I am going to try and aim for 2 videos & 2 blog posts a month.

Thanks for reading.

’til next time!

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