The Ignorance of Gay Youth About HIV…

*Please note, this post will contain references of a sexual nature.

Is that a bold statement? Saying that young gay people are ignorant about the dangers of unprotected sex and the high risk of HIV infection? Personally, I don’t think so, as I have said in a couple of my Youtube videos, I have witnessed first hand, through conversations with people I know, or overhearing conversations, or simply reading about it – young gay guys love the danger of f*cking without a condom. I said it. Shock value? Not really, simple truths.

This post is to further the points made in my “It Starts With Me: HIV Test Week 2014” video which you can see here:

In this video, I mention a few statistics about HIV; one being that over 100,000 people are living with the virus in the UK, whilst 22% (over 22,000 people) do not even know they have it – this is exceptionally scary especially considering the most common method of contracting HIV is through unprotected sex. But it links in to the next stat I mention – 8 in 10 gay men get HIV from men who don’t know they are carrying the infection. Say what?! This is a crazy piece of information, but like I keep saying, one I am really not overly shocked about.

A lot of advocates want to blame the education system, something I am inclined to agree with – to a certain extent. Sex education is very minimal in British education, even to the point of being non existent in some cases. I for one, never received an ounce of sex education, other than simple biology lessons about reproductive systems in different animals… This isn’t exactly warning about the dangers of not using a condom, the different methods of contraception, various forms of Sexually Transmitted Infections, etc etc, the list is endless. Now whilst this is reason enough to explain why a large percentage of youth today (not just gay youth) have no clue about STIs, or methods in preventing pregnancy (teen pregnancy remains at a high) – I personally don’t think it cuts it and is the be all and end all.

I just admitted to not receiving a single sex education lesson, yet here I am; STI free, regularly getting tested, owning a decent stock of condoms & lube and with (without blowing my own trumpet) a great knowledge, as a young gay man, about HIV and the history of the epidemic. What makes me different to anyone else? Probably not much. I simply take precautions and don’t think with my d*ck – it’s a massive rarity that I will end up in someone’s bed after a night out.
Now, I don’t denounce this – I have a very liberal opinion when it comes to sex (blame San Francisco), people are allowed to have fun. Have as much fun as you want, be adventurous, engage in group sex, play out your fantasies, as long as you are careful, then you should be fine. Everyone has their kick, just don’t let that kick be your undoing.

As I have mentioned in my videos, I know of too many guys who like the idea of having sex without a condom, what’s known as barebacking. Supposedly, it provides a better sensation, but in reality they love the kick of this practice known in gay vernacular as ‘breeding‘, and it means exactly what you think it means…
Not sure what I mean? Have a think.
How do mammals create babies… or breed?
*Hears your audible gasp*
Did you have that lightbulb moment?

That’s right… a lot of gay guys love this idea of ejaculating inside another guy’s backside, it apparently gives a sense of dominance or something. I dunno.

It’s pretty stupid in my opinion. it’s simple ignorance, when you’re in your late teens & early twenties, to not know that the exchange of bodily fluids is how STIs are passed, and one easy way of preventing that is to wear a condom. That little rubber thing that you wrap around your dick just before doing the job.

It’s. A. CONDOM!

I honestly, have no clue where this ignorance stems from. There are plenty of resources available, and the amount of campaigns  drawing attention to the dangers of sex are impeccable.
Whilst I can understand the drunken one nighters, when people aren’t 100% in control of what they are doing… For gay guys… Here’s some food for thought.. A LOT of gay clubs have packets of condom and lube readily available AND FREE for this purpose. Make use of it.

Don’t be ignorant. Be safe.

Please head to the It Starts With Me Campaign website for more information about HIV, condoms, and Sexual health.

’til next time.

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