Safety of your bed…

I’m currently lying in my bed at 4am on a Friday morning – unable to sleep with a billion and one thoughts running through my brain.
It’s the same old story for any youth of the Social Media generation. You see a Tumblr post of great depth and that is it… Your mind goes into overthinking overdrive… It’s quite comical when you take a step back and think about it.

I think everyone has this strange love/hate relationship with their bed – especially when growing up – never wanting to get in it at night to go to sleep, but never wanting to leave it to start the next day in the morning!
But it’s definitely a place were a lot of life’s meanings start to make sense…
At least, I feel that way, simply due to the thought processes that I’m pretty sure EVERYONE undertakes whilst lying under the covers, which makes us unable to sleep and eventually post a Tweet or Facebook status complaining; how we cannot sleep ’cause we’re thinking too much!

The cause for this post, and ironically, my being awake at 4 in the morning on a Friday when my alarm will go off in 2 hours to start my 11 hour working day… Is that I have not long received an email with an itinerary for my FIRST EVER event that I have been invited to as an Online Content Creator. The event is the Queer Media Festival, which is part of the larger event, Queer Contact Manchester; and I’m not going to lie, it’s freaking me out a bit…

I’m weirded out, not by the event itself (I’m pretty sure I will be able to hold my own), but by simply being invited… Some of the names that are in attendance are incredible in the LGBT Media-sphere: Playwrights, TV Producers, News correspondents, Activists. Not to mention other YouTubers who have over 10x the audience I have… (Vinny & Luke of V-Squared and Alex Bertie & Jake Edwards of TheRealAlexBertie)
So I am slightly overwhelmed.

So, basically, what I’m saying is – I’m lying in bed self consciously panicking over my self worth and questioning my right to have been invited…

It’s sure to pass, and I’ll look back and think myself silly for worrying in such a way.

But hey… I’m only human! We’re all guilty of such things!

‘Til next time!

To check out the event: Queer Media Festival, head to and check it out!

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