Writing for Enjoyment?

Writing is a very bizarre thing, I feel anyway. What I mean by that is – you can have all the ideas in the world in your head, but when it comes down to typing what you want to talk about… All form of structure and content leave your brain, with no hope of returning…
I experience this a little bit too often lately, usually as I have nothing to hand to jot down the idea I have. But also, as I feel that all creativity seems to be zapped from me due to several varying reasons…

Do you ever experience that feeling in which you are so run down from your working week, that you become a simple vegetable at the weekend – completely unable to do anything other than stare at a television or computer screen and not do anything productive with your time. This has been happening so much and it really aggravates me, because I want to be doing SOMETHING all the time. Whether it’s feeling independent and getting on with average day to day things that I need to do, writing a new script for a Youtube video or Blog, or socialising with friends (something that I definitely do not do enough of these days, and actually has me questioning whether I do actually have a life outside of work). I just seem incapable of doing so. It’s mind numbing.

I think you may have noticed I have this habit, or a creative flair, in writing paragraphs followed closely by an image which totally, or partially, relates to the piece of writing before it. It’s a habit I’ve picked up from reading Buzzfeed articles… What can I say, I’m into pop culture. Sort of. I’m not actually, I can be, but this is really just turned into a random piece of talking heads… Back to topic.
I feel like this piece should just be full of text, to make the point about how difficult it can be to physically sit down and write something articulate and thought provoking, whilst maintaining a sense of identity from the writer.

I’ve addressed this lax in creativity in a video before (which you can see at the end of this post), and when you’re the type of person who thrives off making things – be it painting, crafting, writing or making videos, – it can be so incredibly aggravating when you just can’t think of anything. You can feel redundant, and that is not a pleasant feeling to have.

And there goes that mind block thing again…

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