Liverpool’s Giant Divide?

From 23rd – 27th July, Liverpool played host to Royal De Luxe; a French Street Performance company that specialises in giant puppets. The larger than life figurines took to the streets two years ago, in the April of 2012, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The Diver Uncle returned from the murky depths of the River Mersey, having traversed the sea bed to locate the post box from the doomed liner ship. Within the post box was a letter from Little Girl Giant’s father who was aboard the Titanic when it unexpectedly collided with an iceberg and plunged beneath the North Atlantic Ocean. The three day performance saw Little Girl Giant, and her pet dog Xolo (pronounced Zolo), tour around the city of Liverpool looking for her Diver Uncle, who eventually made an appearance. Spectators described their feelings during the meeting of the two giants as nothing but awe inspiring. How such a thing draws out such incredible emotion is a credit to Royal De Luxe.

Little Girl Giant reunited with Diver Uncle (Image courtesy of ‘The Guardian’)

This year saw the return of Little Girl Giant and Xolo, however, it also brought a new face to the city. Grandma Giant traveled through time and space to be in Liverpool for the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War One.

Grandma Giant in Liverpool City Centre

There was something very poignant about this particular event, as it was surrounding the topic of the start of the First Great War in modern times, a period in which a devastating amount of men lost their lives for their countries. It is most definitely a series of events we must never forget, especially within this generation, such things must seem so trivial when we have our SmartPhones and Computers that allow us to be distracted by what is going on in the world…

The premise of this event was pretty similar to that of two years ago, with the two giants touring around the city before coming to an eventual climax and leaving us in silent admiration. Grandma Giant slumbered in the Great Halls of St. George’s Hall – the story being that her body was in the present time, but her mind and soul, her very presence, was traveling light years through space to be with her body to help the human race celebrate and remember those who have passed – going the distance in telling the spectators various stories from WW1!

I visited the city centre to see the Giants on the Sunday, the final day, in which we would bid farewell to our larger than life friends who have taken such a liking to our fine city. I was overwhelmed by the sense of community; it was as if the entire city had come together to revel in the event that was bringing worldwide attention our streets – not just the city centre, but streets further afield, which some would class as rejuvenation areas. It was something that makes me proud to be Liverpudlian, our sense of community, of coming together is next to none. And of course, we can’t forget the thousands upon thousands of people from outside the city, even outside the country, who joined us in our reverence.

You can see my vlog from the day here on my second Youtube channel:

Unfortunately, the frustrating thing I found seemed to happen throughout and following the event. This would be within the hordes of people complaining about the Giants, about the inconvenience caused during the weekend, and the taxpayers money wasted on such an event…
Now, I’m not an economy expert, and I do not dare pretend to know fact.
BUT, it has been stated that across the entire weekend, over ONE MILLION people made the effort to witness and share in the experience that was Royal De Luxe’s Liverpool Giant Spectacular. Now if that does not cover the cost for hiring the company in the first place – then I have no clue what would.
Also, as I state in my video, for those people complaining about the inconvenience, the need to travel on public transport due to road closures. This is one weekend. One weekend in which we, as a city, are the spectacle of the world due to uniqueness of the event. Jeez, I even witnessed American news reports of the Giants in Liverpool!
Be happy it brought so much to our relatively small city!

’til next time guys.

Don’t forget Xolo!

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