Typing For Sanity

It is very interesting: writing a blog. This notion of writing down one’s thoughts, feelings and expectations for life for others to read. I guess it is no different to the Youtube videos I produce. However, as hypocritical and self loathing it may sound, I feel that the words people craft into ways of liberating oneself are potentially of an inner depth…

I’m unsure, this is a work in progress and I am not quite sure what exactly I intend to use this Blog for – whether it be my thoughts at any given time (for example: “What a f*cking horrific day I’ve had in work. Work and a hot tin roof are not a good mix”.), a specified topic that I’ve more than likely planned in advance, or images that I stumble across and find invigorating and inspiring – I am pretty sure to keep it varied.

My personal opinion is that people write Blogs, initially, to reflect on times of their lives that they particularly miss, or wish to revisit, or think that age old question “What if..?” when losing themselves in their own thoughts. You know that nostalgic feeling when you question how different life would be if a particular decision was reversed. We all do it. Don’t deny it.

What if?

You must agree, the initial form of “Blog” was the private writing of a person’s diary. Their inner most thoughts that nobody else, the general public, YOU were meant to see. Yet, here we are, a multitude of online personalities trying to get our deep, provocative feelings seen by the world… and in one way or another, become the next big thing… For a whole 15 minutes.

And that is my opening. Shall it remain so positively blunt for future posts? Who knows.

’til next time guys, bye!

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